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“I don’t have time.” I told my daughter Leena. She wanted me to sit and watch her color.
“Do you ?” said my mom. I turned towards her. It was an unusual question. She has seen me running all day, day after day, trying to juggle mundane routines.
“What are you saying, mom?” I asked.
She said, “Haven’t we all heard this? I don’t have time. But what do you truly mean? Do you really not have time or you have more things to do in limited time hence priorities?”
She made me stop and think. Yes, she is right. I have exactly same numbers of hours as anyone else has. I left home deep into my thoughts. How can it be? There is time, we all have time but we don’t have time?
The day went like a crazy race and before no time, it was night and I was pulling out of the office while stars were shining bright with a lovely moon, piece of cake as Leena would call it.
While driving, thoughts again started on the morning conversation. I thought to myself, “When can we do anything – In present moment. I answered myself.
Nothing can be done in past or future.
“But these is always nothing else but present moment” a naughty thought peeped into my sequence of thoughts. It stunned me blank. I was blank for few movements. This is true, I told myself. Than what is past & future?
Knock, Knock…. Someone was knocking on my glass. I was holding up the traffic. Signal had turned green and I was dumbfounded in the redness of this newfound understanding.
I reached home and after a nice meal, came and sat with my mom. I felt there was a reason why she said what she said in the morning.
I asked “Is there time, Mom?” I felt funny, asking this question, like a child. She smiled and showed me a card which said, “Time is an illusion – Albert Einstein”.

“Right here, right now, is what is.” She said. We both sat in silence listening to the tick tock of the clock and muddling with what is real and what is not….


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King and the Sheikh


Many years ago the sultan of the Ottoman Empire visited one of the great sheikhs of Istanbul. He was deeply impressed with the wisdom and sincerity of the sheikh and began coming regularly to the sheikh’s gatherings.
After some time the sultan said, “I have come to love you and your teachings. If there is ever anything you want or need, please ask me and I will provide it for you if it is in my power.” That was, in effect, a blank check from one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on earth.

The sheikh replied, “Yes, there is one thing you can do for me. Please do not come back.”

The astonished sultan asked, “Have I done anything to offend you? If so, please accept my apologies.”

The sheikh replied, “No, the problem is not you; it is my dervishes. Before you began visiting us, they would pray and chant to God, seeking only God’s blessings. Now their minds are occupied with thoughts of pleasing you and receiving a reward from you. I have to ask you not to come back because we are not spiritually mature enough to handle your presence here.”

(Contributed by Sheryl, my dear friend from down under)

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Master & me

Sri M with Children

In 1999, Sri M procured a plot of land in Nakaladinne, a tribal settlement on the outskirts of Madanapalle. One day while on a walk, he saw kids wandering in the nearby fields grazing cattle. He had his trademark friendly chat with them and was dismayed to find they weren’t enrolled in any school!

On further prodding, he found out that the community was indeed willing to educate their children but lacked the opportunities or the means for doing so. This proved to be enough of a catalyst for Sri M. Along with a friend and a modest sum of capital he started a free school primarily for the local community kids – with free hot-lunch for all the students.

Students sponsorship

This initiative has proven to be profoundly transformative for a community that is completely and totally isolated from the rest of civic life and society due to many prevailing social constraints. After…

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