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Once the acceptance has occurred that one wants way out of day-to-day misery, he/she seeks. He/she must believe that there is a way out. He/she must believe that there is a way out for him/her. He/she must believe that I can find that path. Once he/she finds a path / guide / teacher, he/she must have belief in the path / guide / teacher. Only and only then there is a possibility of any hope. In the beginning, many will question this belief and hope. They are not able to relate with what you are seeking. They are not seeking, yet. Out of their love for you or personal ego / opinion, they will try to talk or fight you out of it. They will give examples of all those who have been cheated or failed. They will challenge your dream of final freedom. To them it is mere philosophy, not reality.

 Hold on steady. Do not let them steal your dream. Your belief is your strength. It is YOU, not the path or guide, indeed. The Self is all powerful, you just have to know. Claim your vision. The strength of your belief defines the potential of your success. Keep refreshing your vow from time to time. Keep the company of believers and get stronger. Keep your attention on your goal and stay focused. This is just the beginning.

It is likely that as you go along the journey, your understanding of the process & destination will enhance. You are likely to redefine your goal and the process to achieve it. There is no guarantee that you will succeed but do you have another choice? If we toil, we may not win but if we don’t work towards it, we have already lost. The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen. 20 years from now, you may be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do then by the ones that you did do.  


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We lead our lives with some hope and wish that things turn out as we want them to. Sometimes they do, other times they don’t. When the level of satisfaction, with what you get, is lower than usual and for long time, we start to complain. When it still continues, we try finding somehow to divert our mind or engage in other activities. Only when we find our self up against the wall, i.e. something which we see to have no control over and it has huge impact on us, we seek solace in spiritual activities. Such interest also generally fades away, as soon as the challenge is over. But for some, sometimes the change has happened for good. They find the impermanence of these peaks and valleys of emotional swings unacceptable. They feel there may be a possibility to come out of this turmoil of lifetime and prefer equanimity. The fear that one may come back again and go through the same rollercoaster is severely tormenting to some. This is point when acceptance to find a way out happens. It will reflect when this person is seeking a guide, dead or alive, who has done it, who has found the way out. He does not stop searching despite the fear of being cheated. He keeps reading biographies & philosophies to identify the one, who will lead him out. Acceptance is that you want way out and someone who has done it and can show you the way out.

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