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This moment, here I am, at this time-space juncture specific. Here where I am, is because of the choices I made in past. In other words, my present moment is the result of my past deeds. This is so simple. No rocket science at all.

Here where I am right this moment, I have some choices. These choices are inherent choices to the time-space juncture where I stand as of now. In other words, there are limited choices in this moment. It is like a cross-road. Every moment is like a cross-road. Out of limited choices that I have in this moment, each one will have its own scene to follow. In other words, you make your future. Yes, we make our choices which in turn become our experience of the future.

Lets us take an example of a maze.

This man in this picture is standing at a point. He has come here by following a specific path & here he is at this moment. This experience of present moment is due to the choice he made in the past and eventually reached him here. He likes it or not, it is his choices that have brought him this result. In other words, we can say we get what we deserve based on our deeds.

He has limited choices. It does not matter what choices they are. Any one he will be choosing and that choice is limited within the possibilities. Once he is choosing one, he is writing his future. In other words we can say he is the creator of his future.

This man goes on within the maze, keep making choices, without coming to the exit from the maze.

Then there is someone, who is at the higher level and can see the pattern of the maze. He can see which choices will lead this man to the exit. It is natural that because he can see, he would like to tell the way out of compassion. But will the lost man pay attention? Will he believe in this man and his advice? Will he follow the advice? Will he follow the advice long enough without doubting and not drop in between?

This is the scene, which is common.

What is my choice?



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A seed is so small though a reason for the huge tree.

Where was the tree? Was it hiding inside the seed in small form?

Scientists have found the unit smaller than electron and called it Quanta. Quanta is intelligence, potentiality, the possibility to become anything.

Keeping the recent finding by scientists in mind,  we review this question that we have heard many times. The seed has the intelligence, like blue print, the potentiality, of becoming the tree. When the desire to grow is strong enough, it attracts all the necessary ingredients from the environment and creates MANIFESTATION.            Wow!!!

Could this be human experience too?

The way a child grows in the womb of the mother, in total protection. But comes a time, when the same womb forces the baby out. The child experiences world anew. But all of us have different experiences in life, how come? Same world, same time but different experiences?

We are manifesting moment by moment. Question is knowingly or unknowingly.

Two years back, today we were blessed with Rayan!!!

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This Moment

Today the pace of life is fast, very fast. Every moment is riding over the other. Where is the luxury of slowing down?

Every passing moment when seen with extreme intensity, the details are completely amazing. As if the scene is moving in slow motion. Intensity of minute detail which I didn’t even notice being there, surprises me.

Connecting with dear ones in our lives, in this manner, with complete silence could beat the past experience hands down.  We could take a dip into that ocean of silence which shows the hidden treasures within the same moment.

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