We are glad to announce that Sri M has agreed to visit UAE once again after 3 years. This blog is an attempt to keep as much info possible available on online source for any updates.

Public Talk – Yoga & Beyond

Venue: Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian High School, Dubai

Date & Time: 4th Feb 2023 – 6:30pm

Gates open at 5:45pm First come First serve basis.

Location link: https://goo.gl/maps/xDqRLTnm3qRdZADW6

You can register your interest to attend the program by clicking on this link below. There event does not have any fee. Please register per family or group, one entry & add total number of people in your group – in the last question.


More details will be posted soon

Yoga Retreat 2023

Dates: 5th February 2023 – 8th February 2023

Venue: Miramar, Fujairah

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/5YUBxyh2pmveoF1Z9

Registration are closed presently. Those interested can register in the waitlist on link below.

This is a paid event. Depending on availability due to cancellation by another participant, fee could be AED 1600 for standard room type or 1950 for Family room type. This is per person charge 12 years or above. Below 12 years old is AED 1100/-. This includes full board stay, including meals & the event participation. Outside visitors are not allowed.



Swimming on Bed

Once Mulla Nasruddin wanted to learn swimming. He went with his teacher to the pool.

As he went close to the river with the teacher, he slipped and fell into the pool — and it was a deep end of the pool.

He was saved by the teacher, but he went a few times under the water; and as he was taken out, he took his shoes and ran away.

The teacher said, “Where are you going? You have come to learn swimming.”

Nasruddin said, “Now, first I will come to pool only after I have learnt swimming.”

But where is he going to learn swimming? In the safety of your bedroom?

Mulla came upon a frowning man walking along the road to town. “What’s wrong?” he asked. The man held up a tattered bag and moaned, “All that I own in this wide world barely fills this miserable, wretched sack.” 

“Too bad,” said Mulla, and with that, he snatched the bag and ran down the road. Having lost everything, the man burst into tears. Meanwhile, Mula quickly ran around the bend and placed the man’s sack in the middle of the road where he would have to come upon it.

When the man saw his bag sitting in the road before him, he laughed with joy and shouted, “My sack! I thought I’d lost you!” Watching through the bushes, Mulla smiled. “Well, that’s one way to make someone happy!”

Peaceful Warrior

Once there was a Cobra who terrorized a tiny village. One day, a monk visited the village and observed the cobra. The monk spoke to the snake about Ahimsa — a yogi concept of non-violence and love. The snake was deeply changed by this message.

A few months later, the monk visited the village again and found the cobra miserable, starving and beaten. The cobra asked the monk what he should do about his situation. The villagers were throwing rocks at him & not fearful of his anymore.

The snake told the monk, “You taught me the principle of non-violence. You taught me not to bite people!” The monk replied, “Yes, but I did not tell you not to hiss.”

Here’s my work in progress — A short list of how I’ve learned to hiss:

  1. Be badass. I mean know who you are. Be yourself. Practice kindness to yourself.
  2. Be mindful of your response. Is it a hiss or a bite? Take a breath. Pause. Ask yourself what is truly needed.
  3. Practice meditation — creating loving kindness for all, even the ones who have harmed or annoyed us.
  4. Stand your ground by being unwavering yet collaborative. Yes, you can do both whiles being heard. Be the listener and find compassion. This requires a willingness on our part to set aside our own story and listen to another. It’s possible hissing isn’t needed. Perhaps we just need to gently establish new boundaries. We could call that a gentle hiss.
  5. Be unmoved. In the chaos, we must remain true to ourselves. Seek gentle presence. Your own movement and growth is inevitable, but we need not be swept away by it. Allow for this movement, but don’t force it. When in the midst of negativity, we can lose ourselves. Be mindful and aware.
  6. When necessary, hiss. Hiss with words meant to protect and not harm. Actions meant to protect and not harm. But hiss. Protect yourself.

*Credit Jennifer Pamplona

Cold Day

cold girl_0

It was a cold winter day, and a heavily dressed man noticed Nasrudin outside wearing very little clothing.

“Mulla,” the man said, “tell me, how is it that I am wearing all these clothes and still feel a little cold, whereas you are barely wearing anything yet seem unaffected by the weather?”

“Well,” replied Nasrudin, “I don’t have any more clothes, so I can’t afford to feel cold, whereas you have plenty of clothes, and thus have the liberty to feel cold.”


Master & me


Dear friend,

As you are aware, the Manav Ekta Mission is organizing the Walk of Hope—a padayatra for peace and harmony from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 2015. Led by Sri M, The Walk of Hope is an exercise to restore the innate spirituality of the nation—rekindling true faith and rejuvenating the spirit of hope, love, peace, harmony and oneness.

Manav Ekta Mission invites your esteemed presence to the flag-off ceremony to be held on 12 January 2015, at Manav Ekta Maidan, Zero Point, Kanyakumari. 12 January is also the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a great prophet of interfaith harmony.

The flag-off ceremony will feature bhajans, invocation, inter-faith prayers, theme songs and also addresses by Sri M and other dignitaries including the Chief Guest, Dr. Karan Singh. Prior to the flag-off ceremony, Sri M will visit the Vivekananda Rock to garland the statue of the great seer.

Flag-off Ceremony Timeline

9:30 am : Bhajans by Sri. Kanta Prasad Mishra &…

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Quote of the day

One needs to be open to communication.  Open to the fact that there are different manners of dialogue;  various modes of exchange of ideas and innumerable ways of listening;  and very often words could be voiced and heard in so many different ways.

The One who makes the thunder roar, also hears a butterfly sigh.

Q. So how do I know, I am making progress in meditation?
A. First I am able to sit down quietly even if it is for a short period, with my mind settled peacefully, without distraction. Fixing my attention on own inner self. The moment, I sit down to meditate, I am able to cut off all the disturbances of the world and go deep within – quiet and calm. I am now able to deal with serious problems of life without getting upset or confused, or without fearing what is the solution or without the fear that I might not succeed in handling the problem. I am now in tune with the whole of nature – with the rain, with the wind, with the clouds, with the earth. I can no longer hate. My mind is peaceful. In short, I am a better person now, than I was, before I started meditation. If that is happening, then you are making progress. And, as one proceeds deeper and deeper into one’s practice – one begins to also be in tune and open up to dimensions which are usually unknown to the ordinary mind.

Quote of the Day

Only mankind is interested in results.  Nature only wants to know your intentions.

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