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My experience of the external world is changing every passing moment. I receive input from all directions and senses. I exist, I have an identity, I relate to the world.

Like a leaf, I am thrown this side and the other, all the time. Peace is so difficult to find and when you did, it is fleeting moment and its gone again.

I was reading “Budha” by Deepak Chopra. I don’t know much about Budha or his life. But the way how his story is told by Deepak is amazing. He challenged his suffering and faced death without fear. Would I be free as he became one day?

Will this get over one day?



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I was watching this movie and a dialogue came,

” It is not about what our abilities are, but about the choices that we make.”

It stunned me for a moment. This is one of those moments when I pause and reflect. I make choices all the time… we all make choices all the time… what we choose to do, is what matters.

This reminds me of a topic that my Master explained recently. The choice between Good and pleasant. Lets take an example of daily routine. I am on road and someone next to me signals to come in my lane. What do I do? Race up or let him/her in?

I have a trolley load to transfer to my car after shopping. My trolley has a coin in it. Car cleaning guy comes to help me put my bags in the car. Once finished, what did I choose to do?

I can go on giving examples… choice all around us all the time. These choices are like my ladder, my path. If I am heading on a road in certain direction, I can imagine where it will take me.

Are choices linked with Destiny? Hummmm….!!!

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Having found a very loving Master or the other way around, a very loving Master has found us, we are full of hope. When I say we, I mean myself and my wife. 

 I have no idea, how He will help us. But I feel, since he has crossed the line and has assured me his love, I can have hope.

We can feel that mind has limits to comprehend the external and internal worlds. We can see that happiness is fleeting moment and endless thoughts are not in control. Thoughts and external happenings influence, the way I experience life. Like a leaf facing endless slaps of torrential winds, day in and day out and life goes on.

In those moments, when I am with Him, I experience reduced thinking activity. I can feel His love, experience His soothing presence, enjoy His singing and causally chatting. I have introspected many a times, what happens inside me? I found I just receive that experience without analyzing it, without judging it. May be I am just not there, He is. So much I enjoy these moments, so much that I want to live them again and again. Every passing moment, in that oneness with the present moment, as if oneness with Him. I have no logical explanations but I have found peace with Him. If Love is God, I have not known anyone else more loving or caring.

May His presence intensify with every passing moment.

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Anandmayi ma

We visited Anandmayi Ma’s ashram in Haridwar, India, on 17th July 2011. I found such amazing lotus flowers for

offering at the entrance. Not that I had any plans as such, but they were so beautiful and how to resist?

This was the most beautiful flower offered by me to anyone.

I had heard her reference several times from a very good friend. And here we were together with this friend, visiting Ma’s ashram. And guess what?  As I was proceeding to the exit of the main hall, the priest was taking the offered flowers out. He looked at me and handed me a huge garland. Wow….. I felt happiness. I don’t know why but it felt nice. 

Later we visited the book store at the ashram. I love books and don’t miss an opportunity to buy something that attract me. I had already had my book shopping prior to visiting the ashram and had luggage limits. But I picked up a book which is about Ma’s life. 

I wasn’t very excited to read it in the start but as I went along, I found answer to some of my questions. I got excited. This made sense, huge sense. Reading her life account, I could see the how those answers to the questions, were just right. So let us share one of them:

 Should I do this or not? We come across this dilemma of choice in life, time and again. Which choice is right? In the absolute, there are immense possibilities, not just one way and at the same time all the choices are one only. This is little confusing. Lets take deeper look. If you look from God’s point of view, “how does it matter, you choose this option or the other?” All options are part of the same illusion “maya” or “lila” as said in Ma’s book.

If I sent my child to play, would it make a difference to me if he played marbles or hide & seek?

That was a good finding. Happy reading, until next….

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Shubh Aarambha

Hello world, 

It has been long time since I have been thinking of writing. Started and stopped many times.

This is my world of expressions!!!

Like anything in life, my feeling will change and so will my subject in focus to key in. But I am sure it will be fun.


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