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Anandmayi ma

We visited Anandmayi Ma’s ashram in Haridwar, India, on 17th July 2011. I found such amazing lotus flowers for

offering at the entrance. Not that I had any plans as such, but they were so beautiful and how to resist?

This was the most beautiful flower offered by me to anyone.

I had heard her reference several times from a very good friend. And here we were together with this friend, visiting Ma’s ashram. And guess what?  As I was proceeding to the exit of the main hall, the priest was taking the offered flowers out. He looked at me and handed me a huge garland. Wow….. I felt happiness. I don’t know why but it felt nice. 

Later we visited the book store at the ashram. I love books and don’t miss an opportunity to buy something that attract me. I had already had my book shopping prior to visiting the ashram and had luggage limits. But I picked up a book which is about Ma’s life. 

I wasn’t very excited to read it in the start but as I went along, I found answer to some of my questions. I got excited. This made sense, huge sense. Reading her life account, I could see the how those answers to the questions, were just right. So let us share one of them:

 Should I do this or not? We come across this dilemma of choice in life, time and again. Which choice is right? In the absolute, there are immense possibilities, not just one way and at the same time all the choices are one only. This is little confusing. Lets take deeper look. If you look from God’s point of view, “how does it matter, you choose this option or the other?” All options are part of the same illusion “maya” or “lila” as said in Ma’s book.

If I sent my child to play, would it make a difference to me if he played marbles or hide & seek?

That was a good finding. Happy reading, until next….


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