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Q. So how do I know, I am making progress in meditation?
A. First I am able to sit down quietly even if it is for a short period, with my mind settled peacefully, without distraction. Fixing my attention on own inner self. The moment, I sit down to meditate, I am able to cut off all the disturbances of the world and go deep within – quiet and calm. I am now able to deal with serious problems of life without getting upset or confused, or without fearing what is the solution or without the fear that I might not succeed in handling the problem. I am now in tune with the whole of nature – with the rain, with the wind, with the clouds, with the earth. I can no longer hate. My mind is peaceful. In short, I am a better person now, than I was, before I started meditation. If that is happening, then you are making progress. And, as one proceeds deeper and deeper into one’s practice – one begins to also be in tune and open up to dimensions which are usually unknown to the ordinary mind.

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(Photo Credit Visualphotos)

(Photo Credit Visualphotos)

Suppose our instrument of perception, let us take the eye, is made like a telescope or a microscope. Our view of the universe would be entirely different. The 3 dimensions of an object that we see before us, will be different. The shape may be different, the view may be different.

So can we conclude, what we see is entirely dependent upon our instrument of perception, in this case, the eye?

Secondly, the eye is the instrument and by a process the image is being interpreted by brain.

Could it be a possibility that what the brain interprets and what is out there, is not same?

Would do you say?


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“I don’t have time.” I told my daughter Leena. She wanted me to sit and watch her color.
“Do you ?” said my mom. I turned towards her. It was an unusual question. She has seen me running all day, day after day, trying to juggle mundane routines.
“What are you saying, mom?” I asked.
She said, “Haven’t we all heard this? I don’t have time. But what do you truly mean? Do you really not have time or you have more things to do in limited time hence priorities?”
She made me stop and think. Yes, she is right. I have exactly same numbers of hours as anyone else has. I left home deep into my thoughts. How can it be? There is time, we all have time but we don’t have time?
The day went like a crazy race and before no time, it was night and I was pulling out of the office while stars were shining bright with a lovely moon, piece of cake as Leena would call it.
While driving, thoughts again started on the morning conversation. I thought to myself, “When can we do anything – In present moment. I answered myself.
Nothing can be done in past or future.
“But these is always nothing else but present moment” a naughty thought peeped into my sequence of thoughts. It stunned me blank. I was blank for few movements. This is true, I told myself. Than what is past & future?
Knock, Knock…. Someone was knocking on my glass. I was holding up the traffic. Signal had turned green and I was dumbfounded in the redness of this newfound understanding.
I reached home and after a nice meal, came and sat with my mom. I felt there was a reason why she said what she said in the morning.
I asked “Is there time, Mom?” I felt funny, asking this question, like a child. She smiled and showed me a card which said, “Time is an illusion – Albert Einstein”.

“Right here, right now, is what is.” She said. We both sat in silence listening to the tick tock of the clock and muddling with what is real and what is not….


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Both of these states are internal and state of mind. As they are state of mind, they influence the way we perceive the world around us. According to Oxford dictionary, this is the meaning of Security:

The state of being free from danger or threat (of any kind).

We need to be naive to disagree that true security is more cliché then reality. We live a life which is influenced by billions of factors on moment by moment basis. Is it practically possible to be free from all threats and dangers?

I guess we all know the answer. No, we can’t be free from the threats or dangers totally. However what we can and usually do is manage these threats and dangers as and when they arise, to our best capacity at that given moment. Now new angle has been added. Same person can be better or ill suited to handle a challenge on any given moment. It means, it is not only the capacity and smartness to defend ourselves and our interest but also timing is important. In short, playing defensive is the name of the game. Fear is the key emotion. You may be rich or poor, powerful or common man, but affected by fear. Big business owners and political leaders are good example for this aspect.

On the contrary, freedom is defined in Oxford dictionary as :

The power or right to act, speak, or think (or do) as one wants

Here being comfortable in your own skin is the key emotion. You may be rich or poor but feeling of freedom reflects in your day to day response. For example, Sachin Tendulkar may be very rich and famous but is he free to do what he wants?

You may or may not have much provision to deal with what life may throw at you but you are sure that whatever comes your way, you will deal with it as it comes. As a matter of fact one can never be completely prepared for what future holds for us.  Normally freedom brings joyful state naturally. In such state, what is done is enjoyed. Many new ideas are created in such state of mind. It is natural that you would be more present focused than anything of past of future.

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Anandmayi ma

We visited Anandmayi Ma’s ashram in Haridwar, India, on 17th July 2011. I found such amazing lotus flowers for

offering at the entrance. Not that I had any plans as such, but they were so beautiful and how to resist?

This was the most beautiful flower offered by me to anyone.

I had heard her reference several times from a very good friend. And here we were together with this friend, visiting Ma’s ashram. And guess what?  As I was proceeding to the exit of the main hall, the priest was taking the offered flowers out. He looked at me and handed me a huge garland. Wow….. I felt happiness. I don’t know why but it felt nice. 

Later we visited the book store at the ashram. I love books and don’t miss an opportunity to buy something that attract me. I had already had my book shopping prior to visiting the ashram and had luggage limits. But I picked up a book which is about Ma’s life. 

I wasn’t very excited to read it in the start but as I went along, I found answer to some of my questions. I got excited. This made sense, huge sense. Reading her life account, I could see the how those answers to the questions, were just right. So let us share one of them:

 Should I do this or not? We come across this dilemma of choice in life, time and again. Which choice is right? In the absolute, there are immense possibilities, not just one way and at the same time all the choices are one only. This is little confusing. Lets take deeper look. If you look from God’s point of view, “how does it matter, you choose this option or the other?” All options are part of the same illusion “maya” or “lila” as said in Ma’s book.

If I sent my child to play, would it make a difference to me if he played marbles or hide & seek?

That was a good finding. Happy reading, until next….

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