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What one learns from self or other’s experience becomes knowledge. It is evident that instead of going through all the experiences, if we could learn from other’s experiences, we could hasten our process of acquiring knowledge. Many a times, this knowledge is gained unknowingly as we lead our normal life and other times we make focused effort for a subject specific.

Acquiring knowledge is a process which is never-ending, almost. In the process understanding & perspective is developed on various subjects. The amazing part is, depending on level of evolution and in turn comprehension, same person can obtain different conclusions on the same subject & event from time to time. Consequently perspective keeps evolving. Right and wrong cease to exist in absolute terms and tolerance levels improve.

The understanding strikes us that opinions are based on memory. Memory content is based on our upbringing. And these external inputs are received by 5 sense which we believe are correct. But it is kid’s play to prove that our senses are not perfect. We can only hear what is in rage of frequency between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Which mean lower or higher are not perceived by normal human being. Since we can not process that input is existence of sound on those frequencies is fallacy? There are various examples which can be performed to prove that our 5 senses are not giving us absolute and complete information. What eyes see, may not be same; what nose smells may not be all that is there; what I can’t distinguish as taste may be highly potent but I can’t identify. Which in turn means, the real world outside us,  may be more than meets the eye, not just figuratively. So is there is possibility of that external world to be different then we though it to be?

We receive millions of inputs through our sensors. We can not process every bit of information so we prioritize. Like hearing your name in a busy market, you can filter the rest of noise & pick just your name being called. Likewise, if we just watch things flowing without judging. From the space on unknowingness, just observing & receiving every moment, FRESH. One may experience action happening as natural flow from selfless standpoint and not necessarily preconceived notion, without any prejudice or judgment. Such state can usher one to state of silence. Mind chatter slowly dies away and mind is used when needed but it does not remain online constantly. You as Master of your mind can choose to call the servent, the mind, on demand. He does not bother you with his chatter all the time incessantly. Silence happens from within, external world rumbles around…

This silence comes when acceptance has occurred. This is understood that the whole universe is on the motion. How insignificant is a human thought in front of the universal movement. Playing part becomes effortless.

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