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Beyond Me

Every wonder about micro & macrocosm ?

(by Frank Huguenard)


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The Sower

One day, as the reaper went about his daily business of reaping what someone else had sown, he saw a man off in the far distance. Hoping against hope that today might be that long awaited special day, he said a silent prayer and took off running in the man’s direction, dropping his sickle as he went. He never noticed that the plants were getting smaller and less mature along the way. He was too caught up in the moment and the hope that he had that today would be the day that he had waited for all his life. After what seemed like an eternity, the reaper finally reached the man and as he caught his breath he saw for the first time what the other man had been doing all this time. He would reach into a large sack at his side and pull out what appeared to be seeds and then he would scatter them all around. He did this over and over. “Oh thank you God,” the reaper said out loud and at this the seed scattering man stopped his seed scattering and noticed the reaper for the first time.

“Hello, are you the sower?” The reaper asked slowly, deliberately.

“Yes and it has taken you long enough, hasn’t it? I’ve expected you for a long while now,” said the sower. “What took you so long?”

“I just now saw you for the first time. How could I have gotten here quicker?”

“You’ve always had the faith and the vision, but you have lacked the trust that God requires. Even now a question burns in your soul. Ask it and be done.”

“Very well since you insist, I will. Why sower, why do you plant here and there and not everywhere equally? Why is there a patch of fruit here and there, but not everywhere? Why can’t we sow and harvest equally all over?”

“You saw me just now, but yet your eyes tell you nothing. I have always tossed the seeds far and wide. Just as much here as there. I have sown along the path and on rocky ground and among thorns and on good soil too. What you have not seen is that those along the path are often trampled on and eaten by birds and that those seeds that fell on rocky soil had no root and soon withered away and that the seeds that were tossed amongst the thorns were soon choked out by the brambles. All that you have seen is the crop that is left from the good soil.”

“Well then,” began the reaper, “why shouldn’t all soil be made equally? Wouldn’t that be more fair?”

“And then you would make yourself God, for that is what you are saying. You know how to make everything equal and fair and right and God doesn’t. Isn’t that what you are saying?”

“No, I mean, why is it like this?” The reaper pleaded now trying to understand.

“God has a reason for everything. There are reasons for every orphan, every addict, every victim, every crime and every suicide. Perhaps the reason that bad things happen is so that good things have a meaning, but only God knows and only God can know. It isn’t simply beyond our understanding, if we somehow could know, it would damage creation by taking away from the glory that belongs only to God. And God forbid that that should ever happen.”

“Now come on,” continues the sower in a more somber tone, “we have work to do.


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Finding Answers Within

Look Within

The village elders had failed time after time to resolve a difficult problem. They invited a very wise person from another village to come and help them. In time, she came. People gathered to hear her wisdom. She asked them: “Do you know what I am going to tell you?” In unison they responded, “NO”. The wise women replied, “You will only learn what you already know, and if you don’t know, I am leaving.” She left. The village was in an uproar.

Months passed and the problem didn’t go away. The elders debated and issued a second invitation to the wise women. In advance of her arrival, they coached the villagers.

When the woman arrived the second time, the village gathered. Again she asked, “Do you know what I am going to tell you?” The villagers shouted in unison, “YES”. She stared at the people. “If you already know, then I have nothing to tell you.” She left.

The village became even more frustrated, but after many months, the issued a third invitation. This time they were ready for the wise woman

“Do you know what I am going to tell you?” Half the villagers shouted “YES”; the other half shouted “NO”. The wise woman looked at the people and said, “Those who know should now get together with those who don’t; and then you will all know.”

She rose, left and never returned.

That night, an elderly woman had a dream. “Last night, a voice told me the meaning of the message from the wise women. She wanted us to know that we need to look within and find our answers. Everyone sees the same thing or situation from his/her own point of view and perspective. When you embark in the process to look within, you ask questions, make choices. In the process, you would have matured. The answers would be not be someone else – handed down to you. They would be your answers. “

(Note: There is a similar story about Buddha. Will try and share in another post)

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eagle or chicken

’Once upon a time a man found an eagle’s egg and placed it under a brooding hen. The eaglet hatched with the chickens and grew to be like them. He clucked and cackled; scratched the earth for worms; flapped his wings and managed to a few feet in the air.

Years passed. One day, the eagle, now grown old, saw a magnificent bird above him in the sky. It glided in graceful majesty against the powerful wind, with scarcely a movement of its golden wings.

Spellbound, the eagle asked, “Who’s that?“

“That’s the king of the birds, the eagle, “said his neighbour. “He belongs to the sky. We belong to earth—we’re chickens.”

So the eagle lived and a chicken for that’s what he thought he was.’

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The Sun and the Cave

Sun and Cave


One day the sun and a cave struck up a conversation. The sun had trouble understanding what “dark” and “dank” meant and the cave didn’t quite get the hang of “light and clear” so they decided to change places.

The cave went up to the sun and said, “Ah, I see, this is beyond wonderful. Now come down and see where I have been living.” The sun went down to the cave and said, “Gee, I don’t see any difference.”


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I Give Up

A man was very much interested in self-knowledge, in self-realization. His whole search had been to find a master who could teach him meditation. He went from one master to another, but nothing was happening.

Years went by, he was tired, exhausted. Then someone told him, “If you really want to find a master you will have to go to the Himalayas. He lives in some unknown parts of the Himalayas; you will have to search for him. One thing is certain, he is there. Nobody knows exactly where, because whenever somebody comes to know of him he moves from that place and goes even deeper into the Himalayan ranges.”

The man was getting old, but he gathered courage. For two years he had to work to earn money for the journey, then he made the journey. It is an old story. He had to ride on camels and horses and then go on foot, and then he reached the Himalayas. People said, “Yes, we have heard about the old man, very ancient he is, one cannot say how old — maybe three hundred years old, or even five hundred years old; nobody knows. He lives somewhere, but the location cannot be given to you. Nobody is aware of where exactly you will find him, but he is there. If you search hard you are bound to find him.”

The man searched and searched and searched. For two years he was roaming in the Himalayas — tired, exhausted, dead exhausted, living only on wild fruits, leaves and grass. He had lost much weight. But he was intent that he had to find this man; even if it took his life, it would be worth it.

And can you imagine? One day he saw a small hut, a grass hut. He was so tired that he was not even able to walk, so he crawled. He reached the hut. There was no door; he looked in, there was nobody inside. And not only was there nobody inside, but there was every sign that for years there had been nobody inside.

You can think what would have happened to that man. He fell on the ground. Out of sheer tiredness he said, “I give up.” He was lying there under the sun in the cool breeze of the Himalayas, and for the first time he started feeling so blissful, he had never tasted such bliss! Suddenly he started feeling full of light. Suddenly all thoughts disappeared, suddenly he was transported — and for no reason at all, because he had not done anything.

And then he became aware that somebody was leaning over him. He opened his eyes. A very ancient man was there. And the old man, smiling, said, “So you have come. Have you something to ask me?”

And the man said, “No.”

And the old man laughed, a great belly laugh which was echoed by the valleys. And he said, “So now you know what meditation is?”

And the man said, “Yes.”

(Source : OSHO – The Book of Wisdom)


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According to Vedanta that feeling of being dependent on that which is around you, the feeling that you are bound and, therefore, you have to get out of it is still part of the great illusion of the mind called the Maya.



Not that things don’t exist but they don’t exist in the form or the state in which we think they exist. That wrong understanding of objects, of anything, is called Maya, a misunderstanding and that is the great illusion.



A person who has touched that freedom, a person who has understood this freedom, this moksha or mukti, this completeness, lives an unprejudiced life of total freedom not influenced by the stereotyped images that one encounters in day to day life.



Self-realization to me, Kaivalya or Moksha to me, means not free from something, but realizing that one is always free but has been laboring under the illusion that one is not. Yes, this is the same as ultimate freedom. The freedom from which one never falls back to non-freedom or bondage.



‘Does this freedom happen in stages?’ I would say, ‘It’s like the wheel; the network of illusion is gradually lifted as one goes deeper and deeper into understanding one’s own self, one’s own mind.’

(Messages by Sri M, courtesy Satsang Foundation)

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