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The Devil and a friend of his were walking down the street, when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket.

The friend said to the devil, “What did that man pick up?”

“He picked up a piece of Truth,” said the Devil.

“That is a very bad business for you, then,” said his friend.

“Oh, not at all,” the devil replied, “I am going to let him organize it.”

(Would it be truth anymore?)


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(Photo Credit Visualphotos)

(Photo Credit Visualphotos)

Suppose our instrument of perception, let us take the eye, is made like a telescope or a microscope. Our view of the universe would be entirely different. The 3 dimensions of an object that we see before us, will be different. The shape may be different, the view may be different.

So can we conclude, what we see is entirely dependent upon our instrument of perception, in this case, the eye?

Secondly, the eye is the instrument and by a process the image is being interpreted by brain.

Could it be a possibility that what the brain interprets and what is out there, is not same?

Would do you say?


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Bondage vs Freedom

I couldn’t resist sharing this.

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A Sufi teaching tells of the man who visited a great mystic to find out how to
let go of his chains of attachment and his prejudices. Instead of answering him
directly, the mystic jumped to his feet and bolted to a nearby pillar, flung
his arms around it, grasping the marble surface as he screamed, “Save me from
this pillar! Save me from this pillar!”

The man who had asked the question could not believe what he saw. He
thought the mystic was mad. The shouting soon brought a crowd of people. “Why
are you doing that?” the man asked. “I came to you to ask a spiritual question
because I thought you were wise, but obviously you’re crazy. *You* are holding
the pillar, the pillar is not holding you. You can simply let go.”

The mystic let go of the pillar and said to the man, “If you…

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It is said, once when Buddha was preaching in a city, there came to him a woman whose only son had died. She came to the Buddha, put the dead body of her little son, baby, before him, bowed low and said, “O great Buddha, the enlightened one, please bring life back to my son, for thou art capable of anything that thou wishes to do.”

What did the Buddha do? The Buddha said to her, “Leave your son, the body of your son here lady, please follow my instructions; go to all the houses in this area, enquire from them if anyone has ever died in their house now or many years ago; and if you find somewhere where nobody has died ever; get me a mustard seed from there and I shall bring your son back to life.”

So the lady went looking for the mustard seed from a house where no one had ever died. The search was futile because there was nowhere or no house where someone had not died at some point or the other. So she came back to the Buddha and told the Buddha, “O enlightened one, I haven’t found a house where no one has died.”

Then the Buddha said to her kindly, “Sit down lady, understand this that death is inevitable to anyone who is born, anything that is born has to die, there is no one who can escape death. So, therefore, think how to free yourself from sorrow while you are still living. That is the most important teaching that I can give you. As for the rest, I sympathise with you.”


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This moment, here I am, at this time-space juncture specific. Here where I am, is because of the choices I made in past. In other words, my present moment is the result of my past deeds. This is so simple. No rocket science at all.

Here where I am right this moment, I have some choices. These choices are inherent choices to the time-space juncture where I stand as of now. In other words, there are limited choices in this moment. It is like a cross-road. Every moment is like a cross-road. Out of limited choices that I have in this moment, each one will have its own scene to follow. In other words, you make your future. Yes, we make our choices which in turn become our experience of the future.

Lets us take an example of a maze.

This man in this picture is standing at a point. He has come here by following a specific path & here he is at this moment. This experience of present moment is due to the choice he made in the past and eventually reached him here. He likes it or not, it is his choices that have brought him this result. In other words, we can say we get what we deserve based on our deeds.

He has limited choices. It does not matter what choices they are. Any one he will be choosing and that choice is limited within the possibilities. Once he is choosing one, he is writing his future. In other words we can say he is the creator of his future.

This man goes on within the maze, keep making choices, without coming to the exit from the maze.

Then there is someone, who is at the higher level and can see the pattern of the maze. He can see which choices will lead this man to the exit. It is natural that because he can see, he would like to tell the way out of compassion. But will the lost man pay attention? Will he believe in this man and his advice? Will he follow the advice? Will he follow the advice long enough without doubting and not drop in between?

This is the scene, which is common.

What is my choice?


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