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Ancient Scriptures and their Relevance to Contemporary Life


We have beliefs, we have hypothesis, we have dogmas and we are full of speculations. Having read this or that book about what truth or God is, our mind is restless astonishingly!

A mind that is full of knowledge is restless! It is not quiet, it is only burdened and mere heaviness does not indicate a still mind.

When the mind is full of belief, either believing that there is God or that there is no God, it is burdened and a burdened mind can never find out what truth IS.

To find out what is true, the mind must be free. Free of rituals, of beliefs, of dogmas, knowledge and experience. It is only then that the mind can realize that which is true, because such a mind is quiet.

It no longer has the movement of going out or the movement of coming in. For that mind is still; and in stillness, there is an abundance of energy.

If there is any form of outward movement, then there is a reaction inward. But, all that has come down, the mind is still and that mind does not dissipate energy. That mind has an abundance of energy. It’s energy that comes with complete stillness of the mind.

(Excerpts from a talk  on “Ancient Scriptures & their Relevance to Contemporary Life” by Sri M)



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Train of thoughts (Photo Credit : Bumpybrains.com)

Thoughts after thoughts, the train is chugging on most of the times, stealing my precious….. present moment.

I can not forget. Once in 1997, I was standing resting my back to wall and thinking about some matter at hand. When I came to a conclusion on that subject, my mind pops up, what net to think about?  I paused.

There was the thought and there was an observer to the thought.

That was one milestone moment for me as I noticed my mind pattern. Since then I have been seeking to understand mind better. One of the method I adopted, is described below.

As you sit and watch the thoughts, that is thought watching thought, as you watch, one thought comes up, before it becomes a chain, stream, use your thought again as a weapon, think that you, with your mind, have made a sword and as soon as the thought comes up, cut it off.


It is similar to the analogy of using a thorn to remove another. Let me explain. If one gets a prick of a thorn, it is removed by using another thorn or needle.


This practice can easily highlight that we are not our thoughts and there is more to us then just mere thoughts.


Go on, give it a try and see for yourself.  I would love to hear your experience too.


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