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What do we consider as dream?

  • Something which we conceived in sleep or sleepy state
  • Pleasant or not hence desirable or not
  • Saw in real life but beyond reach.

You ask a university student, “What is your dream”? He will tell you things which he wishes to achieve, do or have. And ask the same person, the same question after 10 years. You would be surprised by his current list of dream. What has happened here? Traditional society has copy pasted itself into one more person. He now runs from pillar to post trying to arrange for his needs. His dreams are now replaced by his needs. The situations around him are so challenging that earlier dreams have faded away as lesser priority and eventually forgotten.

Compelling Reason on the other hand, is something which you can give your life for. This is not something you can forget and let go. This is something that gives you hope in life. It can be material or non material, quantifiable or not. For example, for a man who can’t keep his family with him in city due to high cost of living, finding all ways & means to make it happen, is natural.

Lets use a corollary here. I give you a car with GPS & map also with it. And tell you to go to a place 600 km away. Will you go there for no reasons?

On the contrary, I have no car, GPS or map to offer. But I have a piece of information. If you can reach to a specific place which is 600 km away, a suitcase with US$ 10 million is waiting for you. Now will you go there?

We know the answer. You will do what it takes, to get there and claim the bag. Why take the journey? Because you have a compelling reason! This is just an example to get the feel of it.

Compelling reason can give meaning to a person’s life. This is something that you want in your life and is non-negotiable.


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