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At a stage when ownership is taken, activity is natural step. Whatever the situation one may be in and whatever may the way out be, activity is the doing part. At this point, one would seek out the activities to be performed. Usually another person who has been through the same path will be helpful to guide. Sometime we are asking the right person and sometimes not.  But the eagerness is so much that we are ready to do what is given. Whatever it takes, we are ready to do. Nobody needs to remind us or push us.

As in most cases, significant issues in life need significant effort before a change can happen, results can be felt. Patience levels are different for each individual. Some sooner, some later, question the process and path. At this time hope seems to be the only support. We try finding short cuts and new methods.  If you had a good guide, you will come back to the same path, after knocking other doors. Sometime life itself becomes teacher and we are able to see the multitude of factors involved in each scene as it develops. We realize, there is more to the happening of the events then my doing. A new kind of acceptance happens. This acceptance is of knowing that there is more to life then we can see. There are many more factors influencing our lives, events and outcomes.

The combination of commitment to continue doing the activity and at the same time accepting the outcomes of the action without any disappointment is unique. The change that happens in a person is noticed by other around them. A calmness downs on the person and he can participate in the events without much variation in his emotional scale. Life around us becomes teacher for such person. Activity and activity until one day he would attain that, for which he had set his goal.


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